KP-1000 & 1 Fully Automatic Non woven Tie Face Mask Machine

KP1000-1 Fully automatic non woven tie face mask machine

Fully Automatic Non Woven Tie Face Mask Machine

Performance Characteristics

  • Fully automatic non woven tie face mask machine is fully Automatic machine, in which face mask and tie both are make simentaneously.
  • All the process for tie mask is done by this single set of machine.

Equipped With

  • Touch screen PLC
  • High frequency and best quality Ultrasonic component
  • Standard quality Pneumatic (AirTech), which gives long life and best performance
  • Best quality motors and drives


Power Supply Power Speed Dimension (in mm) Weight
AC380V or 220V 50HZ 5 KW 50-70 Pcs /min* Mask Machine:- 2000*600*1200 mm

Feeding Frame:- 1600*550*1400 mm



The Fully automatic non woven tie face mask machine is advance version of automatic face mask making machine and automatic tie loader machine. In this advance machine both process of mask making and tie stitching is peform online together. This machine is divided in two parts of mask making part & tie loader parts and both parts are synchronised with each other with new technology. equipped with an advanced touch screen PLC with editable program for user convenience. Professional design of the machine has provided an advanced and high performance ultrasonic component for a tight and reliable welding of the ear loop belt. The machine uses superior quality pneumatic of well known brand air tech to give the machine a long lasting life and consistence performance throughout the time.

Considering the technical configuration of this efficient Fully automatic non woven tie face mask machine, it works on 220V Ac power supply. The eco-friendly machine design has made to consume only 5 Kw of power for the task and working. This machine is engineered for production output of 50-70 pcs/min with consistent quality even for long jobs. The machine is efficient enough to replace your labour mass, improvement of your production capacity and quality delivery of the products to your customers.

So why to wait for more. Purchase this Fully automatic non woven tie face mask machine and start producing an efficient and fine quality medical and disposable mask welding for the business of future. Dial on the number provided below and contact us for more information. We would be guiding you seamlessly for owning such useful machine for your business. Hurry Up!

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