About Us

About Us

Located in one of the fastest-growing cities in Gujarat, KP Tech has created its brand image as a result of its push for the use of Eco-friendly non-woven material and setting up a new trend of ultrasonic stitching using new technology instead of conventional thread stitching. With the support of our valuable customers and fellow employees KP tech has managed to expand the business with two different entities, KP Tech machine India Pvt. Ltd. for machinery like Non-Woven Bag Making Machine, Non Woven Fruit Cover Machine, Ultrasonic Sewing Machine, Ultrasonic Hemming machine Non-Woven Bag Printing Machine, Non-Woven Fabric Slitting Machine, Non-Woven Fabric Sheet Cutting Machine, Non-Woven Medical Mask Making Machine,N95 mask machine, Cup mask machine, Bouffant Cap making Machine, Shower Cap Machine, Shoe Cover Machine, Doctor Cap Machine, Sanitary Napkin Machine and So on , Bookmyparts.com for Non Woven Machine Spare Parts & Ultrasonic service to help customer who are facing the problem of lack of Parts & Service.

Our Vision

KP Tech Machine (India) Pvt. Ltd. has always believed in the principle of carrying mutual benefit between communities, corporations, and Industry streams. It has always been the most effective route toward profitable and sustainable upward growth. The vision is always to be the benchmark of the industry via the brilliance, intelligence, and excellence of their people, their creative approach, and their conduct overall. After its establishment in 2007, KP Tech Machine (India) Pvt. Ltd. has always managed to write a growth story with excellent employee and customer support. We at KP Tech manage, design, manufacture, and export materialistic components such as PP Non woven Fabric and machinery for making various Production from non woven such as d-cut & u-cut bags, Box Bags, bouffant/surgeon caps, shoe covers, surgeon masks, etc. In addition to that KP, Tech has also managed to build printing, slitting, bed sheet folding, and another type of machinery by exporting the same with economical pricing among the industry. The company is making the mark of its brand value mark with its innovation, speed and perfection. Mark with its Innovation, Speed, Perfections, Quality and after Sales Service.

We are leading the industry with our distinct excitement for engineering. We believe in creating the future by innovating, which carries a value that incites us to reach ahead of the limits of the pursuit that defines unique from the ordinary.


KP Tech Machine (India) Pvt. Ltd

Manufacturer of Machinery for making Plastic Alternative Eco-Friendly Non-Woven Medical and Packaging Products.


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