Vivaan Mask

Vivaan Mask

K P Tech Machine India Pvt Ltd., Ahmedabad is pleased to announce acquisition of BIS license IS 9473:2002 for its face mask brand Vivaan – Partnering your safety.

Amidst, spread of Covid-19 pandemic across the world, India has been facing continuous increase in no. of Covid-19 cases across the country, face masks are a simple way to decrease coronavirus transmission and save lives. As per the guideline of WHO and Govt. of India, wearing a face mask in public areas has been shown to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

it is highly important that the quality of the face mask shall comply with all international standards and protocol. In this regard, K P Tech Machine India Pvt. Ltd since the outbreak of the pandemic situation has been constantly working to develop and offer better hygiene solutions through its holistic approach and helping industries and people of this country with appropriate products to fight severe pandemic situations.

The launch of Vivaan brand in May 2020 for face masks was with an objective to quickly cater to growing demand of masks in the country. Along with Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) certification, Vivaan brand has already acquired other certifications including SITRA, ISO, CE, ITS, Biocare, GMP etc.

Vivaan brand under K P Tech group, offers a higher degree of protection than a surgical mask or cloth mask because they can filter out both large and small particles when the wearer breathes. K P Tech group intends to launch several new quality hygiene products under Vivaan brand, says Pinkal Shekhaliya, CMD of K P Tech Group.

KP Tech Machine India Pvt. Ltd’s BIS – ISI license no. is 7200183908.

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