KP-77 – Automatic Non Woven Fabric Sheet Cutting Machine

Our Automatic non woven fabric sheet cutting machine is also useful Automatic Non woven Roll to Sheet cutting machine, it is use full to cut different size of Non woven fabric sheet to make non woven bags, Pillow covers,Bad sheet and it can also cut different
size of Wax strip.

Fully automatic non woven fabric sheet cutting machine is having in-built WPS blade for smooth operation. A 3HP DC Motor to maintain the power and speed stable for long jobs and equal cutting of sheet. This non woven cloth cutting machine is able to perform sheet cutting from as low as 30 GSM to as high as 500 GSM.

Considering technical configuration of the machine, it operates on 380 V of stable DC power. The electrical equipment in the machine is also high quality and thus the machine consumes power of 5 Kw for its operation. Non woven fabric cutting machine manufacturers has designed the machine with the cutting speed of 50-80 Pcs /min. Also the design speed number depends on the size of bed sheet selected. The maximum roller diameter of the machine is around 600mm with maximum fabric roll length of 1600 mm.

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Equipped With

Servo motor
PLC Controller
Web alignment system
Photo sensor
Cold cutting
Static device
Dancing roll
Fabric tension rubber roll

Power Supply



4 KW

Designed Speed

20-60 Pic. Pr. Min.

Max Width

850 mm

Max Length

1250 mm

Dimension (in mm)

2100mm x 1219mm x 1225mm




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