KP-1000&1 Fully Automatic Tie Medical Mask Machine

Performance Characteristics

Fully automatic non woven tie face mask machine is equipped with Heavy and Rustles Body Structure, Best Quality PLC, Servo Motor and Ultrasonic. This Machine is suitable to make 2 to 5 Ply Mask Automatically With High Speed Up to 60Pcs per minute with Better Finishing and Without Wastage. It has ability to seal tie on Mask, griping, Bunching and Counting Face Mask Automatically in Single time. It increase production 3 time Upper than Manual Tie Mask Machine and Decrease the Wastage and Labor Cost.

Equipped With

Touch screen PLC
High frequency and best quality Ultrasonic component
Standard quality Pneumatic (AirTech), which gives long life and best performance
Best quality motors and drives

Power Supply

AC380V or 220V 50HZ


5 KW


50-70 Pcs /min*

Dimension (in mm)

Mask Machine:- 2000*600*1200 mm
Feeding Frame:- 1600*550*1400 mm




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