KP-100-S Non Woven Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

PP woven ultrasonic hemming machine from KP Tech Machine India Pvt. Ltd. is highly suitable for different fabrics such as non woven, pp woven sacks, HDPE Linear Bags, thermoplastic film, fabric of synthetic composition over 65% of polyester and nylon, etc. Thats the reason the machine is also known as pp woven ultrasonic hemming machine in india. The machine is capable of performing long and short jobs as well by keeping the quality constant for material chosen. The machine is also useful for hemming and seaming of light to heavy weight fabrics such as PP/HDPE woven. It is also most suitable for making builder bags.

PP woven ultrasonic hemming machine technical configuration happens as, it works on power supply of 220V / 60Hz supply with 6A of required current capacity. The hemming die is manufactured with special alloy to make it robust and more suitable for long run and large operations. The ultrasonic hemming uses an output frequency of 20 Khz for its operation and joins the layers by a strong ultrasonic bond. Machine is designed for hemming speed of upto 30 meter/minute. For more safety the machine is having built in PC-Chips and multi circuit ultrasonic protection system to make the machine run safely.

The pp woven ultrasonic hemming machine of KP Tech machine India Pvt. Ltd. is also known in the market for its compliance with the industrial market norms and regulations. So don’t wait more… Think about the future of packaging industry and dial on the number shown below. Hurry Up!

Power Supply

220V_+5V 5V/60Hz 6A

Designed Speed

0-20 Mtr. / min

Output Frequency

20 KHZ

Dimension (in mm)





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