KP-10 – Non Woven Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Non Woven Ultrasonic Welding Machine by KP Tech Machine India Pvt. Ltd is one of the preeminent ultrasonic welding machine for non woven to own. We have designed the machine to use for welding many sizes of loop handles on non woven bags precisely maintaining quality of the stitches evenly. Our experience professionals has taken care for the design so that the machine can also use to make D-punch in non woven bags.

Considering the technical parameters while purchase from ultrasonic welding machine manufacturers in India as follows. The machinery runs on power supply of 200V. The Ultrasonic device used to weld non woven material layers operates on frequency of 18 KHz. Mould used in our ultrasonic welding machine are of sizes 10-25 mm and 10-100 mm. Our High frequency non woven ultrasonic welding machine operation can help you work between 0-40 times/min welding with keeping the air pressure between 1-7 bar. Weld area our machine can easily handle are Ø50mm/200x25mm/Ø100mm.

Apart from being ultrasonic welding machine manufacturer, we are also engaged in offering maintenance and repair services. Because of the experience staff and ready to serve support team the optimum effectiveness, on-time execution and keeping cost low is possible. We are highly appreciated among our consumers. Join our force of modern manufacturing unit, rich vendor sets and skilled manpower by starting business boost with our non woven machines. Contact us from the details below and we will guide you to manage and purchase this effective machine to deliver it to your doorstep. Hurry Up!

Product Characteristic

Non Woven Ultrasonic Welding Machine is use full to weld different size of loop handle on non woven bags.
It is also use full to make D-punch in non woven bags.

Frequency (KHz)


Mould Width


Working Speed

0-40 Times/Min.

Air Press

1-7 Bar

Dimension (in mm)


Welding Area





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