Blank Mask Tie Loader machine from KP Tech Machine India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best supportive individual machine to be used for performing tie loading after the blank face mask machine has completed the process. With the easy process of non woven tie stitching on mask the machine has really adequate choice among the customers of face mask manufacturers. KP Tech is passionately involved in manufacturing a quality non woven face mask tie loader machine for their high esteemed customers with custom specifications as requirement.

Currently this face mask tie stitching machine in India is being manufactured by industry experience people and professionals by utilizing the finest grade components and metal. The machine features some really impressive characteristics in terms of energy consumption, maintenance and performance, the key factors in the selection of any machinery in the industry. Considering performance characteristics, the machine is equipped with aluminium rack as production line, furnished with the high performance motor from Taiwan which provides variable frequency and adjustable speed to the production process. Organic Glass or stainless steel material shell has installed with Ultrasonic welding. The machine is designed in such a way that the process produces minimal sound to avoid noise production around the non woven face mask tie loader machine.

So if you are in the mindset to expand the scope of your business. Click on the contact given below and let us have your details to guide you through the process of owning an impactful non woven machine from KP Tech India Pvt Ltd. and join the non conventional tradition of starting business with eco-friendly material and be part of the change and step forward towards bright future. Hurry Up!

Performance Characteristics

This Machine is suitable to seal tie on Face Mask, Griping, Bunching and Counting in single time. It is equipped with Heavy and Strength MS and SS Body Structure. It has India Made Gear motor, PLC and Best Quality Ultrasonic. Machine is suitable to make tie on 2 Ply to 5 Ply. Whether mask is 2 Ply or 5 ply, Sealing Strength and finishing is same. This Machine save labor cost and Wastage cost two time higher than regular tie loader machine.

Power Supply



2 KW


10-55 Pcs / min

Dimension (in mm)