Looking for a Plastic Business Alternative?

Looking for a Plastic Business Alternative?

Govt. of India has imposed a strict ban on the production, sale, and use of plastic bags with immediate effect on this environment day boosting the strong fight in favor of a brighter future for Gujarat.

With this immediate effect, many of the industrial units are in trouble, “Over 2000 SMEs will be on verge of closure due to plastic ban in several cities including Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Rajkot in Gujarat, and around 50,000 people may lose employment due to this ban,” said Alpesh Patel, president GPMA (Gujarat Plastics Manufacturers Association)

“We had suggested to the Gujarat government to raise minimum the thickness of plastic carry bags above 50 microns and give 6 months period to these units to raise it from more than 50 microns for making necessary changes in their plants as it also required to make investments in doing so,” Patel added.

Experts have commented that this announcement has come at the point where the plastic industry is having conversations with various departments of government including the most important Gujarat Pollution Control Board regarding how the industry could push more towards solving the issue.

The plastic industry in Gujarat is about to have a phenomenal shift towards new reliable materials such useful that would be keeping those units in business till the next decade. Experts have broadened their views on the nonwoven materials in this context for all the current plastic industry business personnel.

Why should we say, “NO” to Plastic?

As discussed many many times in the past among the experts that plastic materials take an average of 500 years plus it contains many chemicals such as bisphenol-A, or BPA, phthalates, and many more. Plastic Material have huge disadvantages being non-biological material as it requires ages to degrade in nature, having low melting point makes it no use to fireproofing and also many materials are highly inflammable, It generally has a short useful life span resulting in piling up of non-useful garbage, these garbage piles interact with rainwater releasing high toxic chemicals for humans to the environment and further mixing up with underground water, polluting the whole ecosystem. In addition that these waste piles cannot be burned as it produces hazardous gases to the environment causing critical diseases.

The Non Woven Material Advantage:

On the other hand, Non-woven materials are among one the most adaptable material today.

We are having a list of long advantages such as Greater strength per basis weight than other competing fabric materials, High tear and tensile strength, Consistency in high-temperature applications, the Ability to form composites for advanced performance, etc.

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