KP-200-S : – Non Woven Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

PE woven ultrasonic sewing machine

PE Woven Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

Product Characteristics

  • PE Woven Ultrasonic Sewing Machine is most suitable for different types of non woven fabrics.
  • It is use full to make different size and shape of Non woven Gowns, Apron, pillow cover and so on.

MAIN TECHNICAL PARAMETERS – Non Woven Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

Power Supply Designed Speed Output Frequency Dimension (in mm) Weight
220V_+5V 5V/60Hz 6A 0-30 Mtr. / min 20 KHZ 1200*600*1200 mm 90Kg.*

PE woven ultrasonic sewing machine has enough power and performance capabilities for hard and long timing jobs with precision and quality to be maintained as per the samples created. This is one of the pioneer among all non woven bag sewing machines in the industry as it can be operated with the minimal training to any responsible adult.

The machine is also made with alloy materials to ensure its long lasting use. The components in our PE woven ultrasonic sewing machine is also of optimum quantity. The component of the machine is with contemporary methodology to ensure smooth operation for workers. Ensuring high quality of the machine manufactured, it has been stringently tested with reference of various parameters prior delivery to clients.

Considering the technical specification, we have designed  PE woven ultrasonic sewing machine to operate on power supply of  220V 60Hz. The machine has the designed capacity of upto 30 mtr/min. The output frequency of the ultrasonic welding is 20 Khz. The machine weights around 90kg and comes with dimension of 1200mm x 600 mm x 1200 mm. So don’t wait more. Click to the number below and start earning with the eco friendly material business today. Hurry Up!

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