KP-1004 : – Automatic Bouffant Cap Making Machine

kp-1004 non woven bouffant cap making machine

Non Woven Bouffant Cap Making Machine

Performance Characteristics

  • Bouffant cap making machine for non woven material is furnished and equipped with High weight iron body structure.
  • Standard quality PLC and Frequency converter.
  • Low Voltage Equipment India made Gear reduction motor, India made Bearings.
  • It can make three size of cap like 16”, 18”, & 21” and it can also make PE shower cap.


  • Laboratories and Hospital
  • Food Manufacturing co.
  • Hotel industries for shower
  • Catering and Restaurant
  • Food Manufacturing co.
  • Spa & Saloon


Power Supply Power Designed Speed Optimum Speed Dimension (in mm) Weight
AC220V 50HZ 4 KW 125 Pcs / min 60-100 Pcs / min 3330*900*1350mm 850kg*

Considering the technology use in the mechanical bouffant cap making machine, we have provided an in-built touch screen display for smoother and efficient operation which is connected with PLC. The PLC is having facility of a flexible and editable program of instructions. The frequency converter manages to keep a constant frequency in order to maintain a uniformity of stitching of the buff caps. With supportive movement of Make-In-India, We KP Tech Machine India Pvt. Ltd. has tried to equip the indigenous gear reduction motor for smooth production line operation. The bearings used in the machine is also manufactured in India specially for dimension and requirements of the machine design from trusted and reliable company.

Coming to the technical specification of a best range bouffant cap making machine in India, we have made it operate on 220V 50Hz AC Power supply. The economical design of the machine consumes power of 4 KW for operations. Machine is engineered for manufacturing speed of 125 Pcs/min yet we advise manufacturers to maintain an optimum speed of 60-100 pcs/min.

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